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Quick home equity loans
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How does it work?

We’re sure: lending should be available, and investments should be secure. That is why we’ve created Creddy — a modern p2p online lending service. Here borrowers can get quick home equity loans under clear conditions, while investors can put their funds up and increase them. Creddy is optimized and automatic: the use of this online platform allows to cut the costs of office and transaction services, and hence offer customers the most favorable terms. We take all the credit risks, and secure every loan with liquid real estate.

Why we are better than banks?

If a bank has denied you a loan, or you have no time or desire to be distracted by bureaucratic red-tape — we will help you out!


Without certificates, guarantors or any extra questions


Everything is done online: both approvals and payments, so there’s no need to make a visit to the office


Your credit report is less than perfect? It’s no reason to deny you a loan

Our partners say
Creddy has become a new online financy system for Russia. The bank abolition in credit system and the full transition on digital format sped up all processes and excluded strict interest rate. Peer-2-peer platform allows invest and get loans secured by real estate.

In numbers

Numbers will tell you about Creddy more than any adverticement To get more info on the services go to these pages: borrowers, investors

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From document submission to receiving funds on your account

up to 50m

For any purpose against the pledge of real estate

It is time

for cost-efficient loans and secure investments