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I agree to the processing and use of my personal data
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Hereby I express my consent

To LLC Microcredit Organization «Creddy» (hereinafter referred to as «the Company») to process (gather, arrange, store, update (renew, change), use, transfer, depersonalize, block and delete) including computer aided processing of my personal data notified in the present application, in accordance with requirements of the Federal law dated to 27 of July, 2006 № 152-ФЗ «Concerning personal data».

The personal data notified in the present application are provided in order to obtain a micro loan, and in order to get information on the other goods and services of the Company. With this view the Company is allowed to transfer my personal data at its discretion to companies distributing mailouts (including postal mailing, email and SMS notifications). I allow the Company to make a choice of the distribution companies, it does not require any further agreement from my side. This consent is considered to be active for five years and is to be prolonged for every following five years if not claimed otherwise.

Present consent can be withdrawn by lodging a written application to the Company, drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law «Concerning personal data»

I hereby give my consent for the Company to use the data notified in the application to send me messages and promotional and informational materials. I give my consent to the Company to receive the required information from credit bureau in accordance with the Federal law dated to 30 December, 2004 № 218-ФЗ «Concerning Credit Histories».