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About Creddy
Loans against the pledge of real estate for any purpose
Cost-effective investments against the pledge of real estate

A new kind of p2p lending: profitable and secure

It’s time for cost-efficient loans and secure investments. A new kind of loan services against the pledge of real estate by Creddy. 

How does it work? Quite simple. 

Investors hand their money over to Creddy, the company allocates the money between dozens approved borrowers exclusively against the pledge of liquid and legally sound real estate. Borrowers get their loans on terms favourable for them and make interest payments to Creddy, who, in its turn, pays Investors. 

At the same time Creddy takes on all the risks of possible loan default. Investors get their payments in full and right on schedule, under no circumstances they lose money. It is possible to get the whole sum back any time. 

All the work processes in Creddy are optimized with the use of an online platform and a mobile app — so it is enough for the client to pay a single visit to our office to sign the necessary documents, and everything else from there happens online: making payments and receiving interests on your account. It allows us to work without any expensive infrastructure and offer our clients the most favourable terms instead. 

You can get all the detailed information on the following pages: borrowers, investors, FAQ .